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The Wellness Business as Usual


Most doctors and wellness experts favor female patients, and offer limited experience and focus on men.  As there are many of these wellness clinics out there focused on women, few are focused on men. A sensitivity towards the modern man and his busy lifestyle is at the core understanding with our practice. You don’t have time for b.s. and many of you can smell it from a mile away. Our direct, no nonsense and practical approach works seamlessly in the busy schedule for modern men. Many wellness experts eschew traditional medicine as evil and something that should generally be avoided. We believe in a balance. Both traditional allopathic and wellness medicine have their advantages. They both are tremendous resources which should be utilized to help the modern man.

To ignore the benefits of one because it is “less natural” or the other because it is too nouveau, is limited, and fool hardy. Only by combining the best of both can a man really unleash his potential and excel in his present and future health. In looking at the individual, many doctors truly believe that all individuals are essentially the same and so are the problems they face. A few go a step forward and run some blood work or urine samples thinking they will find all the answers they need in just a few tests. Most simply do not run enough tests. Why do they limit the data?Because gathering this data is expensive and often not covered by most insurance. Since they are desperate to maintain a very healthy profit margin, and minimize the costs for themselves, they don’t want too many tests and exams eating away at their profits. Furthermore, most doctors have not been instructed on how to analyze many essential tests nor have they been sufficiently trained on how to bring it all together and see the big picture that the culmination of these tests and exams paint.




There is arguably a crisis situation with regard to the wellness needs of the male executive. Little, if any, attention is paid to his health and wellness once his general doctors deem him “not sick." Most wellness clinics traditionally are focused on post menopausal females. In fact, there is a vast network of clinics devoted to testing, educating and treating women at this stage of life. For most men, however, such a wide cohesive network doesn't exist. Health, wellness and age-management concerns of the male executive usually starts with an executive physical offered by their company. In many case this leads the executive to several trips to the vitamin stores and ultimately ends with the executive trying to find and visit a TRT or a Low T clinic which mat or may not be spattered around their city.

We seek to address this. We understand that the wellness needs of the executive, although similar to those of the common man, are different in the following ways

  1. They are more time sensitive
  2. They have more responsibilities
  3. They place more emphasis on privacy
  4. Their free time is more limited

For these executives, their time is very valuable. It is better spent focusing on their work, their home, their families, their life, rather than spent running to and waiting at the lab, the pharmacy or vitamin stores.

It is not just a nice idea for an executive to feel well and to function at his best. It is an absolute necessity. The executive knows that each day there is a lot at stake. His schedule, decisions, and attention will affect many people. They will affect his company's bottom line along with his own. He is only successful if each day is spent getting closer and closer to his goals. For this executive, anything that gets in the way of this is costly and unacceptable. Maintaining his health and wellness must be among his chief concerns if he aims to avoid costly physical slowdown symptoms such as:

  • Low energy
  • Mid day crashing
  • Poor sleep habits
  • Decreased vitality
  • Declining memory and processing speed (Particular attention is paid to cognition, memory, focus and concentration)
  • Constantly declining physique
  • Worsening response to exercise
  • Declining Sexual Function and Libido

Today, most of us men who are concerned about our health know that the above symptoms are due to declining testosterone levels. I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that testosterone replacement, if indicated, will be offered to you. What I am going to tell you is that we have very extensive experience in this field. We have been sent referrals from PCP’s, endocrinologists and oncologists. We have also had patients who were not satisfied with their replacement therapy come to us as well. In all these situations, we have been able to meet or exceed their expectations. Thus if the situation calls for this type of therpay you can be certain you will be in good hands.

Health and wellness issues are also often exacerbated by other issues involving certain vitamin or mineral deficiencies, other hormone imbalances, fat distribution, bone density, muscle mass, cardio-vascular health, lung capacity and blood pressure. We look deeply at all these issues to see the big picture. It is by doing this that we will be able to help you the most.



Regardless of what your interests are in or out of the office, our focus is on restoring your passion and vigour for life. Considering what you’ve accomplished, and how much time, effort & sacrifice you’ve put in already, it would be a real shame if you weren’t living your life to your fullest potential.
Look, I’m not talking about living forever. I am talking about having the energy and relatively pain-free physique you need to live the life you want. My patients outpace their younger counterparts in business, they enjoy exciting vacations with their grandchildren, they get out of bed in the morning with ease and ambition, and then they return to that bed at night with passion and vigour eagerly awaiting the next day. If that’s not you, perhaps we should speak.


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